Need A VBA Programmer To Save The Day?

OK, maybe we’re not talking about world-saving heroics…but saving time, eliminating human error, and quickly mining data into actionable dashboards is still pretty cool!

Clickety-Quick offers powerful, affordable Microsoft VBA Programming that turns:

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Meet Deborah, Your New VBA Programmer Best Friend!

  • Local to Ontario, Deborah works interactively with you to make sure your project unfolds the way you need it to. Having live, interactive communications also ensures quick turn-around times.
  • Some VBA programming is straight forward. More often, there are unique challenges. That’s where Deborah’s unique blend of “out of the box” thinking mixed with common sense and a talent for troubleshooting wins the day. Deborah sees beauty in elegant solutions
  • It’s easy to go down fruitless, time-consuming rabbit-holes when programming. Deborah’s big-picture view of her projects act as her compass, keeping her headed in the right direction.
  • Boring she’s not! Deborah is known for and sought after for her “yawn-proof” approach.

The use-cases are endless. Here are 3 Case Studies:

Case Study 1: Annoying Weekend Job Gets Automated

Challenge: Important job costing reports that take 2 ½ hours to compile were not being compiled consistently because they needed to be done on the weekends.

Solution: Automate the process with Excel VBA program that reads data from the accounting system and generates the needed reports, correctly formatted.

Wins: 2 ½ hours of annoying skilled manual labour cut down to easy 15-minute process.

Reports are reliably run on-time every week, improving the company’s invoicing.

"I am thrilled to say that this has worked wonderfully and I have sent the first report out. Thank you so much for all your excellent help."
Cheryl Fleury
Isherwood Associates

Case Study 2: Cumbersome Excel Gets Streamlined

Challenge: Create a simple, user-proof Excel interface that turns numbers into beautiful, branded PDF charts.

Solution: Create a user form with data validation, hide the supporting worksheets from Agents and automate creation of PDF from the Excel report.

Win: An easy to use tool that Advisors can easily and reliably use with Clients.

Advisors can personalize the Excel VBA application with their logo and contact information.

Empowers Advisors without giving access to calculations.

Deborah is a powerful logician, an astute business person and an efficient and effective programmer. One of the many benefits that sets her apart from many other IT firms is that she communicates technical information and concepts in lay terms. That skill makes establishing user requirements and solving development challenges extremely easy and produces terrific solutions. We highly recommend Clickety-Quick for any Excel VBA process automation.
Jim Pelot
B.Comm, CPA, CA

Case Study 3: Monthly 6-hour Frustration Turns into 1-Click

Challenge: Automate a frustrating, time-consuming monthly process to update group benefit statements.

Solution: Create an Excel VBA program that automatically processes 5 source files and produces user-friendly statements.

Win: Saves 5+ hours every month. 

A frustrating process has become a JOY to use (1-click!)

"I shared a frustration and Deborah had the solution. Deborah is open and clear on her timing and listens to understand the project prior to starting. The program reduced the amount of work on our part tremendously."
Debbie DeCaire

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