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APPLE - iWork on iCloud

This month, we’ve been revisiting a number of our posts about Apple's iWork office suite. And while we’ve also touched on cloud computing a few times over the last few years, today we’d like to focus specifically on iCloud, and how it can improve accessibility to your important office documents, contacts, and calendars.  Apple’s iCloud offers users 5GB of free remote storage space that can be accessed by any of your iOS devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad), or a web browser on both Mac and PC platforms. 
iCloud Sync Between devices

Reaching for the Cloud
If you have ever accessed one of Apple’s online services (e.g. iTunes, the App Store, iCloud) you’ve already taken the first step to accessing your free cloud storage. An Apple ID, typically your email and password, are all you need to get started. If you don’t have an Apple ID already,  you will be prompted to create one when you first register for any of Apple’s services - or, follow this link to set one up now.   

Setting Up Your iCloud
To access your iCloud settings on your Mac (running OS X v10.7.4 or later), go to System Preferences, then select “iCloud” from the Internet & Wireless section. 

Apple iCloud Setup on Mac

Here, you’ll be able to select the content you wish to save/sync to your Cloud.  Remember, 5GB is a decent amount of space, but it can fill quickly if you use the cloud for iOS device backup. Likewise, if you use more than one iOS device you may wish to purchase additional storage space. 

To access iCloud settings on your iOS device, go System, then iCloud.

Apple iCloud Setup on iPhone

Again, you can use this section to select the data you wish to sync/save to the cloud through your handheld device. This will connect you to the data also synced from your Mac and any additional devices. 

Finally, to access iCloud settings on your PC, you will require the iCloud Control Panel.  If not already installed on your PC, you can download it from Apple here

Apple iCloud Setup on PC

Next, select the iCloud Control Panel from your Windows Start Menu. Here, you’ll have the option to select the data you wish to sync/save to the cloud through your PC - even syncing your contact with your Microsoft Outlook!  

Saving your iWork to your iCloud

When working in any of iWork’s applications (Pages, Keynote, or Numbers), you can save your files to your iCloud account though File -> Save (or Move to) -> then select iCloud from the DropDown menu. 

Save or Move iWork files to iCloud

Now you will be able to access your iWork file from any of your iCloud enabled devices, or any internet connected computer the web through www.icloud.com

iCloud Pages Files

Note: Currently, iCloud users accessing their iWork files remotely must download their files in iWork, PDF, or Microsoft Office formats in order to make any edits. Though users need not fret just yet! Apple developers are preparing to launch the iWork for iCloud BETA series this Fall. These cloud based programs will enable the online editing of your iWork and Microsoft Office documents online - no downloading required. 
iCloud iWork File Download Options
iWork for iCloud
PUBLISHER - Importing from Word
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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

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