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Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac

Like its Window’s based counterpart, PowerPoint for Mac contains all the same functions and effects we’ve come to know and love (or hate) over the years. We do enjoy working with PowerPoint for Mac as it does boast some new and different theme styles, and a clean and simple user interface.

Getting Started

When opening PowerPoint for Mac, you are immediately greeted with the “Presentation Gallery”. Here, you can select a theme that best represents the style of the presentation you are looking to create, or - you may elect to select a blank slate to create your very own design. 
PowerPoint for Mac - Presentation Gallery

After selecting your theme, your project will open with a singe title slide to begin.  To add additional slides, click the “New Slide” button located on the top left-hand side of the Home ribbon. You can choose from a variety of new slide content styles and formats by selecting the down arrow on the New Slide button.

PowerPoint for Mac - The Working Window

Note: If you simply click on the New Slide button and not the down arrow, the new slide that appears will either be in the style of the theme default, or another slide styled after your most recent selection. 

PowerPoint for Mac - Add New Slide

PowerPoint for Mac - Choose a New Slide
Now is the time to enter your content, however, before you begin we recommend reviewing our earlier blog post for creating a presentation that captivates without overwhelming: POWERPOINT - Creating Effective Text Slides


We’ve said it before; while we’re not too fond of “templatey” projects, we do love themes and templates as starting points for making your own designs. You can customize your theme and save your own template by updating the slide master. 

PowerPoint for Mac - Edit Master

To access the slide, notes, and handout master, select the “Edit Master” menu located on the far right-hand side of the “Theme” ribbon. You can learn more about working with Slide Masters here: POWERPOINT: Mastering your Presentations

Transitions and Animations

In PowerPoint for Mac, Transitions and Animations each have their own tabs and ribbons to keep it simple (combined in a single tab/ribbon in PowerPoint 2007). And adding either or both to your presentation is a breeze, though occasionally too easy to do and one may get a little carried away. In an earlier post, we listed a number of tips for using Transitions and Animations effectively in your presentations: POWERPOINT - Animations and Transitions - Don't overdo it.

PowerPoint for Mac - TransitionsTransitions

PowerPoint for Mac - Animations Ribbon



Another tab Windows PowerPoint users will recognize is the “Slide Show” tab. Here, you’ll find all the same tools listed on the Windows based version for refining and preparing your presentation, including Rehearsing, Recording and Setting-Up your show. 

PowerPoint for Mac - Slide Show Ribbon

Looking for a few more tips for making your Mac or Windows based PowerPoint presentation perfect?  Check out our checklist for nipping a few of the occasional presentations “hiccups” in the bud: POWERPOINT - Your Presentation Checklists. 
Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011
Excel for Mac 2011 VS. PC 2010

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Sunday, 23 February 2020

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  • Claire Langfield, Executive Assistant

    Chippewas of Rama First Nation

    The majority of my computer training focused on Publisher. I have received positive comments and feedback from several of my colleagues on the changes between my first attempt and current expertise creating the monthly internal newsletter for my department. They enjoy the updated format and the way in which the information is presented. 

    Deborah assisted me through a learning curve, as I had not previously had any exposure to this program prior to joining Rama. She also provided me with a refresher course on PowerPoint and Excel.  Deborah is a patient teacher and tailored the training to suit my job requirements.