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Working with iPhoto - Getting Organized with Events

In last week’s post, we reviewed how to organize photos in iPhoto by using “faces.” Today, we take our organization to the next level and explore how to use “events” in our sorting.   

Event Basics
When importing your photos to your computer from your camera, SD/XD card, thumb drive, or iOS device, iPhoto automatically separates the images into “Events” based on the date the photos were taken. This is the default sorting level for Events and is a great place to start when sorting through your images for further categorization; we prefer it to sifting through camera or device defined file names. 

Apple iPhoto - Events Library
Renaming Events
In our sample, you will see photo events titled for December 24th and 25th, or as I’d like to rename them, Christmas Holidays 2012.

Apple iPhoto - default event names

To rename an event, click on the default title, then enter your preferred title for the photo group. Be sure to make your event title unique and descriptive.  Here, I made sure to include the year. 
Apple iPhoto - rename iphoto event
Apple iPhoto - new event title

Merging Events

Now, December 24th and 25th were originally sorted out as two different events as the photos were taken on two separate days. However, it’s my preference to include both days under the single event title “Christmas Holidays 2012”. To merge the two events together, click and drag the remaining event days into the main event file. Hint: Look for the green “plus” (+) sign to appear before you release your mouse. 
Apple iPhoto - drag to merge

If this is the first time you’ve merged your images, you will be prompted to confirm the action. Click “merge” to complete the combination. 
Apple iPhoto - confirm event merge

Splitting Events
On the other hand, we may have had so many events on a single day, that we find ourselves wanting to split the days apart. In our sample, we started the day at home, then went to visit Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas dinner.  

Apple iPhoto - 1st photo for new event

We can split the photos between the two locations by selecting the first image taken at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, clicking on “Events” in our iPhoto menu bar, then selecting “Split Event.”

Apple iPhoto - split event
Apple iPhoto - untitled split event

A new “Untitled Event” title bar will appear between the photos, and this may be updated with a new title of your choosing. 

Apple iPhoto - New title for split events
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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

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