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Taming Your Inbox

Does the thought of opening your email program fill you with dread? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of emails you receive from clients, associations, registrations, marketers, family, and SPAMmers?  We've been there too. To tame our email inboxes, we make use of folders and email filters to speed up our sorting process.
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1. Have a plan.
In our last post, we suggested a number of different ways you to create file folders and subfolders to organize your hard drive based on your personal and work style. Considerations may include your client list or work projects, or your personal needs including categories like family, registrations, financial, etc. Read more about creating a file management systems here.

2. Setup your folders.
Create your folders according to the file management plan you created in Step 1. While we encourage the use of subfolders to keep yourself organized, we recommend you keep your email folders to just one or two levels so messages aren't buried and accidentally overlooked. Folders are created in a variety of ways, depending on the email application or service you use. For example, when using Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, you can right-click on your main inbox folder, then select "Create New Folder/Subfolder". Or, if you use a webmail service like GMail, you create folders (also called labels) as you create your filters. (GMail: Settings -> Filters -> Create new filter.) 

3. Setup your filters.
Filters, also known as "rules" in some email applications, evaluate the sender information and content of your emails then redirect them to folders you've designated as they arrive in your inbox. Again, the setup process for filters/rules is different from application to application: in Microsoft Outlook you can right-click a single message to create a new rule for handling messages of the same style, or you may elect to go to "Tools" then "Rules and Alerts" to create your filter criteria. In Mozilla Thunderbird, you will find the same options under "Tools", then "Message Filters". Filter/Rule criteria can include who sent the email (a single email address; i.e. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), the company/organization that sent the email (all email from a specific domain; i.e. @clicktey-quick.com), the subject line, message content, or a combination of any/all of these. For example, you can create a rule that can send an email from "ABC-Client" to an "ABC-Client" folder, or one that directs all emails from Facebook and Twitter to a "Social Media Notifications" folder.

Now, with filters sorting your emails for you, you will find it easier to locate and review your emails in their designated folders. This will allow you to focus on your priority projects, and leave less pressing matters until you're ready.

While we're unable to include folder and filter instructions for every email service and application available in this blog post, many developers make their instructions available online and easily located through a Google search. However, if you're looking for more personalized training, we invite you to contact us and let us know how we can help
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Saturday, 17 August 2019

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  • Claire Langfield, Executive Assistant

    Chippewas of Rama First Nation

    The majority of my computer training focused on Publisher. I have received positive comments and feedback from several of my colleagues on the changes between my first attempt and current expertise creating the monthly internal newsletter for my department. They enjoy the updated format and the way in which the information is presented. 

    Deborah assisted me through a learning curve, as I had not previously had any exposure to this program prior to joining Rama. She also provided me with a refresher course on PowerPoint and Excel.  Deborah is a patient teacher and tailored the training to suit my job requirements.