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POWERPOINT: Top 5 PowerPoint features you may not have known...

Microsoft PowerPoint is a very robust program with a number of bells and whistles, so many in fact that you may not have even realized they are there.  We regret we don't have enough space to cover them all, but we've chosen some of our favourites below.

1. Moving Slides from one presentation to another.


Start by opening both files, select  the view tab, and change your view to "Slide Sorter" then click on "Arrange All" to open the files beside each other. From here, click on the files from the first presentation (use ctrl-click to select multiple slides) and drag the files to the new presentation file. (Right-click, copy and paste will also work.) Slide Sorter is not necessary for copying slides, but we find it the easiest for inserting slides in a specific location within the new file.


2. Jumping slides during a show.

On occasion, you may find it necessary (or helpful) to jump from one slide to another in a different area of the presentation. Perhaps you've been asked a question at the end of your show and want to refer back to a slide at the beginning.  While in presentation mode, simply type the number of the slide you wish to go to, and hit enter.

3. Colour, Grayscale, Black and White.

PowerPoint offers a lot of great themes with various colours schemes - all of which look brilliant on screen, but what about your handouts? Colour printing is expensive, and colour prints in black and white don't often translate well. Next time you have to print handouts, try this quick fix. Select  the view tab, and click "Grayscale."  A new ribbon will appear with a number of grayscale variations for you to use - just pick your favourite!


4. Hyperlinks.


If you share your PowerPoint presentation online or via email, you may wish to include links to sites you referenced in your presentation, or send viewers back to your website for more information. Add your links by highlighting the text you want to link, then hit CTRL-K to open the link dialog box. (Right-clicking the selected text to get you there as well.)


5. Quick Keys

There are 5 quick keys you'll want to remember for your presentations:

  • F5 to start the show
  • Home to jump to the beginning.
  • End to jump to the end.
  • B to black out your screen.
  • W to white out your screen.

Blacking or whiting out your screen is helpful in bringing the focus back to you, the presenter.

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Friday, 17 January 2020

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