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PUBLISHER - Resumes, Greeting Cards, and Origami? Oh my!

Breaking away from the office administration side of Microsoft Office's publisher, today we'll explore some of the more personal uses for the program including resumes, greeting cards and even paper folding. As with all templates provided in software programs, we highly recommend that you choose one merely as a starting point for your own work. Remember, hundreds of millions of Microsoft Office users have access to the very same files and customization will help you and your work stand out from the rest. 


In our last post, we recommended starting with a template the contains the "framework" that will work best with your design goals. (Follow this link to read more about customization.) Once you've selected your favourite template and opened the new file, you'll see a few lines of text underlined in blue. These text components can be updated through the "Business Information" section.  Once completed, the details you provide will automatically populate any similar fields in resume (and other) templates. 

You can update these section details through the Edit menu, under "Business Information."

Next in your resume template, you will see some headlines and text highlights suggesting the content that you may wish to include within your resume.  These items are here as an outline only, they may be duplicated and updated with any details you wish, or omitted entirely.

Greeting Cards:


Whether you have a great idea in mind, or you're looking for some inspiration, Publisher offers hundreds of greeting card options to choose from for a just about any occasion.

You can even create your own from scratch using the "blank" template sizes. Just choose the right size for your card, and design away!

Paper Folding Projects:
If you find yourself asking, "Paper folding? Really?"  The answer is, yes.  If you're interested in learning the art of paper folding  on your lunch break, or trying to find a simple, no mess - no fuss type of project to entertain your little one, Publisher can help.

The paper folding templates include patterns for paper airplanes and origami projects alike.  They include pages (that may require trimming) with "fold-lines" and others with instructions to create your paper masterpieces.  



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Friday, 28 February 2020

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