Yawn-proof software training

It’s the yawn-proof software training classroom that comes to you.

We know…you and your staff are unique. We’ll never try to fit you into a cookie cutter approach. That’s why we start with a pre-training visit to get to know you and your needs better. We’ll talk to you about your culture, your challenges and your goals. And we’ll listen.

  • Need help getting staff buy-in for training? We can help with motivation strategies.
  • Staff are nervous about learning new software? We’ll work with them to build rapport and trust while they learn.
  • Working with different skill levels and learning abilities? We’ll build a classroom model catered to teach the way that they learn best.

Talk about effective and efficient…

Up to 10 laptops are set up to mirror your computer environment and the training needs of your staff.

Complete with projector, mice, full boardroom setup, and of course, a first-class (and fun) corporate software trainer. Our mobile training lab brings everything you need to engage employees to learn faster and walk away with greater computer skills, proficiency and confidence.

We’ll check out space available, connectivity, software and operating system versions and any special needs. Then we set up our:

  • equipment to mirror the software types and versions you use
  • training sessions to reflect the skill levels of your staff being trained
  • classroom setup to work efficiently in the space you have

Contact Clickety-Quick today to schedule our fully-equipped mobile software training lab in Barrie and Toronto (GTA).